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"CyToys primary site came on line in June of 1999. (At that time we had very few products and were floundering around trying to learn about Internet Sales). My goal was to include Internet Web Development into our services offered by our Consulting Company. For six months, I explored various methods of web advertising but found no data to support claims of increased sales that each type claimed. By June of 2000 CyToys had found a new line of toys that were guaranteed to be a hit and we had fine tuned our delivery process.

We had also found Search Engines 411 Inc thru our web developer, Emtoo Inc. In 18 months , I watched the business grow from 8 sales during the month in June of 2000 to 480 sales in December of 2001. We have developed and far surpassed our three year business plan and are now looking at retail space to compliment our web-based business. I no longer have time to do consulting and am working full time on the Toy Company.

The methodology employed by Search Engines 411 and the data/statistics gathering technique gives a keener insight into search engines and the importance of key words and other optimizing factors. We have been able to name our new web site from statistics gathered by Search Engines 411 (Corgi Toys), thus reverse engineering the process. As of February, 2004, we are averaging 2.9 MILLION hits a month!!!" Mike Raymond, CEO of CyToys Inc.


"Search Engines 411 optimizes sites for you, taking the guesswork out of getting your site correctly registered and, most importantly, correctly configured to maximize its ranking potential. Did you know that major search engines continually change their search criteria to stay one step ahead of sites who figure out their system and try to monopolize rankings? And what worked six months ago, or even three months ago, may actually be counted against you by the search engines now.

At Search Engines 411, they help you not only get a strong ranking your first time around, but also stay on top of changing search criteria so you stay there. That's their expertise. And that's why they serve such a wide variety of clientele. The bottom line: Search Engines 411 provides professional, affordable site optimization to get the most mileage out of your online presence." - Steve Hames, Web Designer

"I am a New York Debt Collection Lawyer and owner of whose practice focuses on debt collection, commercial litigation and domestication of out of state judgments in NY and NJ. I have been a client of Sue at Search Engines 411 Inc. for close to a year now and my sites organic rankings have jumped to the top of Google. I strongly recommend their services for SEO and web design." -Jeffrey S. Kimmel December 2009

We are a full service company, providing web hosting, design, web site management and maintenance.

Some of our clients:

Rehabilitation Advisors,
Alexis J David Furniture
Employment Attorney Andrew Moskowitz
Chicago Psychic Scams
Debt Collection Attorneys

Some of our previous customers are: Okidata and Scripps News.

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