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Search Engine Optimization and other services we provide:

To start with, we provide you with a free initial analysis of your site. Email us your URL (just one URL per domain please) and you will receive your report within 24 hours. If you have any web-related needs not listed below, let us know!

Free web hosting -

-- is included for our clients with SE411 Plan A. EMAIL us for the specifics of this plan.

Affordable customized web site hosting

-- is available for those who do not choose the SE411 Plan A, priced individually according to need. As an example, a 3 or 4 page site with an unlimited number of email accounts including auto-forwarding, and real time statistics, normally costs $30 a month to host, with no setup fee.

Keyword Effectiveness Index -

-- to determine the best keywords for your site. Targeting the best keywords draws more potential customers to your site

Link popularity/ Link Reputation reports -

-- (including interpretation of the reports) plus help with improving the link popularity/ link reputation of your site

Analysis and evaluation -

-- of entire web site

Recommendations for source code changes -

-- that will optimize your site for the search engines

Assistance with accomplishing changes,

-- or we can make changes ourselves

Reports on your site status

-- with the major search engines

Submission -

-- of each of the pages on your site to over 100 search engines/ directories

Reports on competitors' status -

-- with search engines and directories

Recommendations on how to get your site to rank higher on engines than your competitors' sites do

Assistance with individual problems,

-- such as when your page has already been banned by a search engine because of an inadvertent error

Testing of your site

-- for accessibility using the various major web browsers and resolutions settings

__________? You fill in the blank and EMAIL US to let us know what help you need with marketing your website.

Search engine submission does not guarantee that YOUR site will be what searchers see first in their search results. Each engine (and directory)  has its own criteria for indexing web pages.  Criteria for each search engine changes on a regular (and sometimes irregular)  basis, in order that they continue to meet their goal of providing ideal, relevant results to their audience, web searchers.

So how do you keep up with constant changes and make sure your site gets the visibility on engines and directories that it deserves?  Let Search Engines 411 do it for you.  That is our area of expertise. You design your site (or have us do it for you) and we will host it and optimize it for the search engines. Design services including features such as flash are available also to meet your needs.

How many hours it takes to increase your site's web position varies, but as a rule of thumb it takes 4-8 hours of our services initially. After the initial analysis, optimization and submission to the engines we have to wait for the search engines to index your pages. The major engines generally take anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months to index all pages for a web site. There are times when sites will be indexed much faster, such as one of our clients, Andrew M Moskowitz Esq. . The reason that site was indexed within a week or so of it being on the web is because we built into the design almost all of the aspects of optimization that the engines like to see.

There are more than 60 different types of things that impact the ranking of your web site on the search engines. Most sites are already doing many of those things 'correctly' and therefore to not need to have 60 corrections made to each page on their site.

However, some of these things are critical to making sure that a web site or web page is included in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Without those things being done, the odds of getting traffic to a web site are not good at all.

Although we could list those things here today, tomorrow they would not be exactly the same, so it is better to have someone who is familiar with your site to keep track of when the code on your site needs updating to keep in compliance with the search engines' algorithms, and make the required changes in a timely manner.

It used to be that to optimize a site merely required changes to the code on the site, but things have changed. The major search engines are looking more at things other than the code on the site when they rank web sites now.

This evolution in the search engines' algorithms to include external factors in their ranking determinations was a major contributory factor in our company decision a while back to offer web site hosting as well as design services. By hosting our clients' sites, we are able to assure that the IP addresses for the sites are "acceptable" to the engines. Any given IP address may be acceptable to the engines one day, and unacceptable the next, through no fault of the individual site owner - so by hosting our clients sites we are able to make necessary changes seamlessly to keep in compliance. For more information about search engines' algorithms regarding IP addresses, please contact us.

Site Maintenance

Just as your car would stop running if you failed to put gas or oil in it, your web pages will drop in ranking on the engines if you fail to make the revisions required to comply with ongoing changes in search engines' algorithms. We monitor status on all of your pages on search engines' indexes monthly or more often upon request, and report their status to you. In addition we are constantly checking your pages against the ever-changing engine algorithms, and making revisions accordingly. Overlooking this most important aspect of search engine optimization can be catastrophic to your web presence. The number of hours required to perform maintenance monthly naturally varies depending on the site, starting at one hour a month for a small site.

Search Engines 411 Inc. Policies

We are available for emergency support 24/7.  In most cases we respond to email within an hour or two if not sooner, and we have never used auto-responders.  If the circumstances require our response faster than that, you can call us at 850-271-3566 any time. 99.9 percent of the time you will get a real person.  .1 percent of the time you will have to leave a message and someone will return your call within less than an hour. We do ask that you limit calls between 11 PM and 6 AM CST to emergency situations only.

We send out invoices on or about the 1st of each month, for the services provided in the previous month, and expect payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice. If you are unable to make payment within that timeframe, please contact us to request other arrangements.  We reserve the right to stop any or all services at any time after the payment due date without further notification.

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